Ellen Kaiden

Icreate watercolors that have an architectural but vitreous quality. Kathleen Bernhardt of Corporate Art Source, Chicago, and Kathleen Bernhardt Gallery, Sarasota, FL said that “I am to watercolor what Dale Chihuly is to glass blowing, that by taking a small object and giving it scale and attitude, create something uniquely my own.”

Every time I pick a subject to paint, I enjoy finding its form and ultimately its sensuality. I think I would call my style ”Idealized Realism”. My paintings are life affirming, joyful and reflect my never-ending awe and interest in nature and the miracles that surround me every day.

I work in a technique called “Wet on Wet”. Little by little, layer on layer I create a sense of depth and mystery, carefully directing the viewer’s eye to where I want it to go. I believe Watercolor is an underrated and complex medium and it is my form of meditation. As I paint I become a conduit for good karma.

I am a full time artist, with studios in the Berkshires in MA, and in Boynton Beach, FL. I am currently affiliated with the Wit Gallery in Lenox, MA, as well as  Woodfield Fine Arts, in St Petersburg FL. I am represented by ADC Art Design Consultants in Cincinnati, OH. I received the Best Water Media Artist 2023 award in the ADC National Juried Show named Art Comes Alive.

“I am drawn to watercolor as a medium because it is spontaneous and uncontrollable. The thought that you can capture motion and color in water adds to the medium’s excitement. My paintings are metaphors and are full of life and movement.”


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